Market Opportunities & Market Research

MDG India, as one of the top 10 market research companies in India, believes in working with you to provide the best marketing guidance based on in-depth analysis and research to support your investments in India. We bridge the gap between research and reality to make your dreams and plans, a great success.

Why market research?

Market research is an essential for any business strategy and it begins with collecting data about the market opportunities and customers in the market. In an unknown market place or to initiate new business, market research plays a vital role for the success of any business entity.

What are services, we offer?

  • General Marketing Environment
    • Size and growth of market segments
    • Analyzing current and future trends
  • Market Analysis
    • Research on market potential
    • Import/Export duties
    • Rules and regulations
  • Competitive analysis
    • Understanding customer segments
    • Unique selling proposition
    • Strength and weakness of Marketing share
    • Key scores to success
  • Customer analysis
    • Understanding the needs of the customers
    • Creating strategy based on customer's demands
    • Financial analysis
    • Best selling products
    • Analyzing the competitors and their products
    • Location
    • Alternative strategies used by competitors
  • Sales analysis
    • Company infrastructure analysis
    • Detailed analysis of agents/ distributors/ importers
    • Distribution and end-price

We have been delivering market research and Business Advisory Services in India to various organizations and have completed several market research projects successfully. We have experts associated with us, who having worked in various fields for many years follow the right procedure to maximize our findings. Competitive analysis on various strength and weaknesses helps us to benchmark the companies.

Why MDG India amongst all the marketing research firms in India?

  • Experts belonging to the industry, thereby having 1st hand know-how
  • Extensive knowledge helps in identifying profitable market segments
  • Realistic approach and Analysis of the emerging market trends
  • Successful results in the past
  • Identify the strength and weakness of the market

Are you looking for the right associate to manage your market research? Talk to our expert team now??