Strategic Advisory Services

Globally, India is considered to be the biggest emerging market. The presence of huge consumer market, young population and stable political & economical environment provides added advantage over competing countries. Moreover, English literacy in India is widespread and that makes it quite attractive destination for doing business.

Our experience and understanding of Indian market, advantages & hindrances in current economical & fiscal policies, and socio-economic differences help us in advising International Organizations across the world seeking an opportunity to enter Indian Market. The India market entry strategy consulting services by MDG India has helped multinational companies plan and strategize structures of businesses quite easily.

The Process of Strategic Advisory

During the initial phase, every company needs to know the right strategy to penetrate Indian market. We provide the best Strategic Advisory Services in Delhi. Our strategic advisory services include:

What are services, we offer?

  • Current Political, Economical & Industry Scenario
  • Market and Competition
  • Pricing and Distribution
  • Business Leads and Partnerships

Market Scans – The Primary and Secondary Research

It is very important to understand the market before evolving any strategy to establish a business structure. It helps the business owner to analyze the current situation and the improvements for their business.

  • Analyzing levels of opportunity
  • Benchmarking the product, price, volume, quality and quantity
  • Designing various business models
  • Filling gaps in sourcing and distribution
  • Cluster mapping

Feasibility Study - In-depth research and analysis

MDG India helps clients to examine the technical & financial feasibility of new projects and expansion of the existing facilities. We help our clients to understand their business potentials and draft a plan accordingly. Our expert team assists clients with a strategic evaluation of location based on agreed parameters. We analyze parameters and arrive at the right discussion. The study includes:

  • Location and value analysis
  • Comprehensive business plan
  • Product positioning
  • HR recommendations
  • Capital and risk management
  • Acquisitions and more

Partnership and Customer Profiles – Intensive Research and Planning

Understanding, what is in the mind of the customers is essential for every business owner. Our experts test the attitude and perception of the customer along with market dynamics and customer satisfaction by:

  • Analyzing the Potential Customers
  • Arranging Personal Interaction
  • Facilitation of Legal Advisory

Our Strategic Partnership Advisory Services include search of:

  • A Manufacturer
  • An Agent
  • A Distributor
  • An Importer
  • A Joint Venture Partner
  • An entity for mergers and acquisition

Being in the top 10 consulting firms in Delhi, MDG India initiates right strategies for every business based on different levels of industry studies, B2B Market research and analysis and offers best strategic advisory.